"commonwealth global has changed addiction treatment and raised the bar for the rest"

"When its time to reach
out for help you could not be in
better hands."

"something extraordinary is going on in this community and the outcomes have been beyond expectations."



To our future clients, their families and those who need help today.,
You have found yourself to an extraordinary community and an extraordinary treatment program.  It is built on the proven notion that we can heal each other, and that as we learn and grow we become better and better at this process of healing. 
Every day our community grows into a greater tool of  strength and healing.  Three years ago we had six clients and six staff members in one house on Melrose avenue in Los Angeles.  We now are a national organization treating hundreds each day.
We invite you to explore our website but more importantly we invite you to make the call and reach out to our skilled and successful team- the front end of an experience of healing and community you most likely have never seen before and may not ever again. 
the stakes are high and whether you are a scared and exhausted family member, a parent, or looking for help for yourself., take some advice-take action today and give us a call. 

CALL now-888.870.2201